Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ruthless Robert

This is an illustration of my friend and coworker Robert. Give this man a marker and he will draw unbelievably cruel and hilarious caricatures that will give even the most secure individuals a complex. After seeing one of Robert's caricatures I am pretty sure another one of my coworker's went and bought Rogaine on his way home from work. Hahaha. And yes, that is a brilliant caricature of me that he is holding up that was drawn many weeks ago by Ruthless Robert. It hangs in my cubicle at work and makes me laugh!


Jim said...

Too funny! You might have just given him his garbage pail name.

rory said...

nice Greg ! btw, Have you shown that to Robert ?

craig said...

haha, thats great!! i have a desk drawer full of cruel and hilarious drawings of myself that ruthless robert has sketched over the past five years. i think maybe we should start a collective blog where all of robert's victims can post their portraits.