Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 haul

The Comic-Con in San Diego was nothing short of amazing again this year and I got to feel and talk with many of the artists that inspire me. I didn't get to buy as much as I usually do as many artists opted to sell more expensive hardcover books but I am VERY happy with what I did bring home:

The Art of Deanna Marsigliese - The crown jewel of my collection. She was busy all weekend and was super nice. She is scary talented. Check out her blog...

Belle Du Jour: Cheesecake by Bill Presing - Simply amazing book! His colors and playfully cute girls are inspiring. Check out his blog...

Fleet Street Scandal: A collection of Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham - These two artists never cease to awe me. Their textures, compositions and color palette are fantastic!
Check out their site at

Mandy's Shorts by Dean Yeagle - Another great book by Dean. One of the few more expensive books I bought and well worth it.

J. Scott Campbell Sketchbook 2007 - Was happy to see that J.Scott was selling a sketchbook again this year. He drew a fantastic caricature of Dwight from the Office that just cracks me up.

Good Girl Bad Girl by Loter - Finally Loter has released a book and this was well worth the wait. A cute book with a fun poem and fantastic illustrations. This book was a huge hit with even my non artist friends!

Southern Drawl : A collection of drawings by Scott Tolleson - Another great sketchbook by Stolle. A collection of his rough and finished color illustrations and always inspiring. Check out his blog

Glam: A collection by Javier Guzman- I picked up Javier's first sketchbook last year and have been checking his art blog ever since. A great collection of his scribbles and color illustrations.

Chris Sanders Sketchbook 2 - Another awesome book by Chris Sanders.

Whaleboy- A toy created by Patrick Morgan and produced by CrankyStudios

Dexter's Laboratory: Zappo Change-O - A fun Little Golden book illustrated by Genndy Tartakovsky that I picked up from the Stuart NG booth that you can find at

7 postcards: Fun postcards with whimsical little illustrations. Check out to get a better look.

Cartoon Network tote bag: I won this bag by tossing a bean bag over by shoulder backwards and having it land on the correct character that was printed on the beanbag.

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rory said...

Hey , why did'nt you talk about hanging out and seeing Darwyn Cooke with your good pal Rory? ....Not feelin' the love , man....:)