Sunday, March 23, 2008

Green Goblin

It was Mad Scientist week over at Art Jumble so I decided to illustrate the demented scientists in the Spider-Man universe.


tom said...

thanks for checkin' out my work, dude! i showed your site to a bunch of my buddies at work today and everyone really dug it!

i'm adding you to my links...stay in touch!

Beatriz Iglesias said...

This Green Goblin is great!! I love the colors and composition...but...I wanna hug him, hahaha!!
Great illo! ^__^

Dave Perillo said...

Thanks for the comment. Your stuff is great, love your take on the Marvel heroes.

Dipesh said...

Thanks for writing on my blog, glad you like the wolverine pic. Your stuff rocks!! this goblin is awsome!!! keep up the awsome designs.

rory said...

Hey I know I commented on this on AJ but just had to say again how nicely these marvel villains are turning out. You should do more.

rigodiaz said...

I really like this one they should have made the new series in this style. Great job
The Green Goblin is supper cool!!!
you should do more spiderman characters like this
great job!!!